Django Cassandra Engine - the Cassandra backend for Django#

All tools you need to start your journey with Apache Cassandra and Django Framework!

Already using DataStax Python Driver for Apache Cassandra ? That's great! Now you can easily integrate your existing or new Django project with it.


django-cassandra-engine is the first Cassandra backend for Django Framework. It integrates with Django well and allows you to use Cqlengine directly in your project. All your cassandra models are automatically synced in the way you're used to. You can focus on writing a good code.


  • integration with latest python-driver from DataStax
  • working flush, syncdb, migrate, sync_cassandra, inspectdb and dbshell commands
  • support for creating/destroying test database
  • accepts all cqlengine and cassandra.cluster.Cluster connection options
  • automatic connection/disconnection handling
  • works well along with relational databases
  • storing sessions in Cassandra

Plans (TODO)#

  • User model stored in Cassandra (auth module)


  • Python>=3.7
  • Cassandra>=2.0
  • cassandra-driver

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